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Write an article; you can help!

Dear Dysphagia clinicians, physicians, and researchers. We’d like your help. In a drive to offer further and fresh assistance to dysphagia sufferers, we’re looking for patient-oriented articles to post on our website and use the content in our growing dysphagia support group network. Whether you’ve already written an article and it’s time to repost it to a broader audience or there’s an article you’ve been thinking of writing, we’d like to share it. Help us get the word out!

NFOSD is an all volunteer 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2006.

Please send your article to We’ll edit (if necessary) and publish it (if appropriate). Plus, if you give us permission to do so, we’ll include your byline and a link to your website (and/or email address). We want to ensure credit where credit is due.

List of potential topics:

–  Feeding tube management

–  Thickening products and thickening procedures

–  Oral Care

–  National Dysphagia Diets

–  NMES (VitalStim)

–  Online and mobile swallowing exercises and apps

–  Compensatory swallowing techniques

–  Social/emotional ramifications of dysphagia

–  Topical Analgesics (head and neck cancer)

–  Optimizing reflux management

–  New advances in Dysphagia Management

–  Role of nutrition in maximizing swallowing function

–  Dysphagia, from the eyes of the caregiver

–  Free water protocol (frazier)

–  Understanding Aspiration Pneumonia

–  Long term effects of radiation therapy

–  Living with Xerostomia

–  Naturally thickened liquids; Naturally pureed foods

–  Customizing dysphagia therapy

–  Understanding normal swallowing function

–  Stroke and Dysphagia

–  Voice and Swallowing…How are they connected?

–  Dysphagia Diet Recipes

–  Maximizing outcomes through the interdisciplinary team approach

–  How are swallowing problems diagnosed?

–  Eating out with dysphagia

–  New research in swallowing disorders

–  Patient and caregiver stories

If we missed a topic in the above list and you think it would be of help, please send it in.

Thank you,

The NFOSD Team


PS. If this request isn’t quite up your alley, please forward to a colleague who might be interested.