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Webinar! Gaining Greater Body Image Acceptance when Living with Dysphagia: Practical Tips and Strategies

The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders, with support from Cook Medical, is proud to present the second series of patient-centered webinars on the latest research and information on swallowing disorders. Experts in the field of swallowing disorders will present information on topics such as esophageal dilation, lymphedema, tracheotomies, and more! If you are a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or know someone with a swallowing disorder, please share this web page with them.

Webinar # 6:

Gaining Greater Body Image Acceptance when Living with Dysphagia: Practical Tips and Strategies

Dr. Michelle Fingeret, PhD

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Date:  Wednesday, August 3, 2016 

Time: 8:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM CDT, 6:00 PM MDT, 5:00 PM PDT)

Presentation Description: Dr. Fingeret’s talk with explore the concept of body image as it relates to dysphagia, reviewing the manner in which functional changes to swallowing and speech impact perceptions, thoughts and feelings about one’s body. She will review some research she has conducted in this area and offer practical tips and strategies for improving body image awareness and acceptance. She will also share insights from her experience as a NFOSD Swallowing Support Group leader and ways that support groups enhance coping for patients as they struggle with body image changes.

Presenter: Dr. Michelle Fingeret is a clinical psychologist and associate professor in the Department of Behavioral Science at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She is the founder and director of the Body Image Research and Therapy Program, which was developed to enhance the care of patients struggling with changes to their appearance and bodily functioning as a result of cancer and its treatment. Her research and clinical activities focus largely on the psychosocial treatment of patients with head and neck cancer. She is also a co-leader for the Houston chapter of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders support group, which has been active for over 3 years.

Duration: About 45-60 minute presentation & up to 30 minutes of Q&A from participants

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Fee Disclaimer:  Fees must be paid online through the secure Network for Good DonateNow system. You can use a PayPal account or a credit card. The fee will be refunded if you end up with a poor Internet connection to the Webinar; it will not be refunded if for some reason your plans change and you could not attend. If you cannot afford the fee and think that the webinar would be beneficial, please email for a fee waiver.

Please add this to your calendar.  All you need is a computer with sound capabilities, a web browser, and a reasonable Internet connection. To sign up, click the link below. Once you fill out the registration, the page will refresh and there will be a confirmation message that your registration was received.

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Medical disclaimer. This Webinar is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with an appropriate health care professional, as each individual’s medical situation is unique. It is important that you consult with your medical professional (e.g., physician, SLP) before implementing any course of treatment. Experiences that are new to you should be done with the help of a caregiver and when access to emergency medical care is available.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on becoming a member, webinar fees, time zone assistance, and other useful information.

The NFOSD would like to recognize and thank Cook Medical for their financial support of this Dysphagia Webinar Series.