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Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer for the NFOSD

Thanksgiving Dysphagia Awareness Project

Here’s What you need to know:


1.    Project Background, Description, & Goal

Holidays can be a difficult time of year for those impacted by dysphagia, not only for patients, but also their caregivers and loved ones. Most holidays center around food and drink – none more so than Thanksgiving. The goal of the NFOSD Thanksgiving Awareness Project is to raise awareness impact of dysphagia and to provide support to those who may not be present at this year’s holiday table due to their difficulty or inability to eat and drink.


2.    Get Involved

The NFOSD is looking for patients, caregivers, and family members impacted by swallowing disorders to record a short video (3-5 minutes) addressing the following questions. Children may participate with parent/guardian consent and assitsance, but must be 5 years or older.

Video Outline:

  • Introduce yourself: Name, background
  • How are you impacted by dysphagia (cause, how long have you had dysphagia, prognosis, etc.)?
  • What makes Thanksgiving (or holidays in general) a difficult time?
  • What is something you wish your family, friends, or the public understood about swallowing disorders?
  • What gives you hope?



  • Make sure you have good lighting
  • Limit environmental noise (recording inside is generally better for audio)
  • Speak slowly – don’t rush!
  • Use a tripod/keep the camera steady.
  • Cellphones will work just as well as high-tech recorders.
  • Please note that this video may be shared widely on the internet. You must have consent all persons filmed to share with the NFOSD. Parents/guardians must consent to share a video if the person filmed is under 18. 



  • Submit a few photos of yourself, your family, your meals
    • We’ll try to work these into the video


Once you have recorded your video (and optionally, any photos), send it to Elizabeth at She will edit your video, add any photos, and provide captioning. She will then send you the edited copy of the video for you to review.


  • October 22: Submit your video (and optionally, any photos)
  • November 5: Edited videos will be sent back for approval with date video will be shared
  • November 12: Confirm approval of edited video to allow NFOSD to share


Email Elizabeth ( for more information about this project.



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