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What do those with a swallowing disorder fear?

Updated 9/15/2014 – We closed this survey today after collecting 180 responses in the past 3 weeks. We’re analyzing the results and hope to publish them in an upcoming article. Email us at with any questions. 

A member of our community asked. We didn’t have an answer; so, we’d like your help in developing some insight and a response to the question on what patients with a swallowing disorder fear. Click here to go directly to the for survey.

Helping is as easy as counting to 3. Yes, 1, 2, 3; it’s that easy!

The below link takes you to a 1 page, 2 minute, 3 question survey. No personal information (name or email address) is requested; as such, your input is completely anonymous. If we compile a critical mass of responses, we will publish the data in aggregate.

This survey is designed to be taken by swallowing disorder patients and caregivers plus the professional community of physicians, Speech Language Pathologists, nurses, and care providers in longer term living homes/facilities that supports these individuals.

Survey link:

Thank you for helping to raise swallowing disorder awareness.