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Sound Bytes Podcast Recordings

The NFOSD Sound Bytes mini-podcast series focuses on the experiences of patients and caregivers living with dysphagia. Each episode provides personal insights and stories, highlighting the challenges and strategies involved in managing this condition. The series aims to raise awareness, offer support, and share practical advice from those directly affected by dysphagia.

NFOSD Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Apoorva Ramaswamy, discusses the importance of raising awareness about dysphagia, misconceptions surrounding its management, and the need for more funding and resources in the field. She emphasizes the impact of dysphagia on quality of life and the importance of treating the person as a whole, not just the swallowing problem.

In this podcast, Caitlin, a 34-year-old filmmaker and survivor of head and neck cancer with dysphagia, shares her inspiring story of finding renewed purpose through speech therapy after her cancer treatment. She discusses the challenges she faced during her treatment, the importance of holistic approaches, and the impact of her speech and swallowing therapist. Caitlin emphasizes the significance of never letting fear win and offers words of hope to those going through a similar situation. Listen now to gain insight into Caitlin’s journey and find inspiration in her story.

In this podcast, Eva shares her personal journey of living with a swallowing disorder (i.e., dysphagia). She discusses the challenges she faces in maintaining nutrition and the importance of patience and acceptance. Eva also talks about the significant lifestyle changes she has made, including adjusting her diet and seeking disability accommodations.She highlights the support she has found in a Facebook group called Dysphagia Support for Nutrition and Swallowing, which offers valuable resources, one-to-one support, cooking demonstrations, and expert master classes. This podcast provides hope and encouragement for others facing similar challenges.

In this podcast, Danny shares his personal experience living with dysphagia, a swallowing disorder. He discusses the challenges he’s faced, including the impact on his mental health and social life. Danny also highlights the misconceptions surrounding dysphagia and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. Through determination and therapy, Danny has made progress in managing his condition and finding ways to enjoy a normal life.

In this podcast, join Hannah as she shares her personal experience as a mother of a four-year-old boy with swallowing difficulties. We discuss the challenges she faced in getting her concerns heard by medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. We highlight the importance of finding validation and support from community groups and online resources. Help us raise awareness about the struggles parents face when advocating for their children’s health and the power of connecting with others who have similar experiences.

In this recording, Rebecca shares her personal journey with her son’s swallowing disorder, from his birth during the peak of Covid to his diagnosis and treatment. We discuss the challenges she faced, the medical appointments they went through, and the decision to undergo surgery. We highlight the importance of seeking support and connecting with others facing similar issues. This podcast aims to raise awareness about pediatric swallowing disorders and provide hope to those going through similar experiences.

In this episode of our mini podcast series titled Sound Bytes, we interview Ed Steger, the President of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorder. We discuss the importance of dysphagia awareness month and how the nonprofit is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all those impacted by swallowing disorders. Join us as we delve into Ed’s personal journey as a nearly 20-year survivor of head and neck cancer, and learn about the valuable work our foundation does to support patients and raise awareness. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation!