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Sonia Blue Profile

In 2003 I had a divorce, brain surgery and resulting DYSPHAGIA (inability or difficulty swallowing,) for six years I was fed by a stomach-tube ONLY! Many of us are not thankful for the intricate and instantaneous processes our body routinely performs because unless you are unusually grateful by nature, you don’t spend your waking moments giving thanks for your waking moments. You’re too busy working, doing the laundry, fighting with your spouse and wondering when you’re going to have sex again.

It’s 2010 and I am swallowing, EATING again.  My journey has given me a spiritual compass, a life that’s bonded me with my child in ways uncharted, a life that’s expanded my compassion, taught me patience, shown me faith, freed me, and made me believe in divine timing. It’s a life that’s given me a chance to comeback…making THIS MOMENT the most fabulous time of my new life!!

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