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Solutions for Saliva Management

For those who are unable to swallow their own saliva, the struggle of saliva management is all too real.  In a recent article, published by the Oley Foundation in their May-June 2014 Newsletter, two men who are unable to swallow share their stories on how they manage their saliva.

One method used by Rob Frayne involves a wearing a specialized vest designed by Edwina Sutherland.  The specialized vest includes a bottle-holder that is sewn at such a height that removing the bottle in order to spit is not necessary.

Another solution shared by Rick Davis involves medication management.  Rick has been taking a medication called glycopyrrolate for twelve years, which reduces Rick’s saliva production without drying out his mouth.  Because Rick is producing less saliva, he only needs to spit once or twice an hour.  This allows him to use a much smaller bottle that he can discretely carry or put in his pocket.

To read this article, which can be found on page 3 of the Oley Foundation Newsletter, click here (see Tube Talk – Swallowing Solutions). The Oley Foundation is an organization that provides support, education, and outreach for individuals and their families who manage and rely on intravenous or tube feeding in their homes.  To learn more about the Oley Foundation, visit

Medical Disclaimer: Both the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders and the Oley Foundation strongly encourage readers to discuss any suggestions with their clinician and/or primary care provider before making any changes to their health care.