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Dysphagia in the News: Florida Weekly

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The Gaffigans Raise Awareness of Swallowing Disorders

Jeannie Gaffigan, comedy writer, mother of five, and wife of comedian, Jim Gaffigan, underwent surgery in April 2017 to remove a life-threatening tumor near her brain stem.  Damage to her vagal nerve resulted in dysphagia.  Jeannie initially required a feeding tube due to the inability to swallow and is currently undergoing swallow rehabilitation.

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Webinar Recording: Dysphagia & Dementia

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Webinar: How to Puree your Thanksgiving Dinner

The NFOSD would like to thank puree chef, Diane Wolff, and food chemist, Hoby Wedler, for their time and effort in recording a video of how to create a pureed Thanksgiving meal. Diane learned to be a pureed chef when her mother was diagnosed with dysphagia related to the onset of dementia.

Click Here to Watch the Webinar


Please note that the recipes demonstrated in the webinar are appropriate for people who require pureed solids for swallow safety. Always consult with your healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate diet for you. If you need a referral to a swallowing specialist, please email the NFOSD at 


Below you will find links mentioned by Diane in the broadcast:

From the Bookstore

Tools for the Kitchen



The Science of Puree



Purees of the Fall: Holiday Meal



From the Blog

Video: Batch Cooking & Freezing


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Dysphagia Research Study Opportunity for Patients/Caregivers

A Medical Recruiter for Connected Research and Consulting, a Medical Market Research Company contacted the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders to seek volunteers interested in participating in a paid research study.

Connected Research and Consulting has a client that is looking to gather opinions from patients and caregivers impacted by dysphagia.

This would consist of a 1-hour phone/web interview and your compensation would be $150. This research is aimed at finding a possible and hopeful way to get better help for those who suffer from dysphagia. Connected Research and Consulting is not selling anything, and is  not employed by any drug company.

Volunteers’ identities will remain anonymous. If you are interested in participating, please call Sherry at 561-299-5700, or email her at

Company website:


More Details:

  • Incentive will be: $150, paid by check after the interview
  • Discussions will take place between Monday, December 3rd thru Friday, December 7th, at various convenient times
  • Respondents must successfully pass a short set of questions first before scheduling to participate
  • It is a telephone/web interview, so participants will need a phone and a computer (laptop or desktop only)
  • Looking for patients and the caregivers of patients that are between the ages of 40-75, have been diagnosed with dysphagia due to stroke, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, MS, and other similar conditions, but not limited to only these conditions. Additionally, caregivers should ideally live with and prepare meals for the patient with dysphagia.


This is only for market research purposes, at no time will sales of any kind be involved. Connected Research and Consulting is only interested in any active feedback and information pertaining to the discussion topic that respondents can share from their experiences and expertise. They never divulge respondent identity or details to their end client, and all results from this study will be presented in an aggregate form ONLY and will be kept confidential.