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Research Opportunity: Eating Together after Cancer

Do you have trouble swallowing after treatment for head & neck cancer, and you…

  • have completed any cancer treatment at least 6 months ago?
  • are at least 18 years old and living in the community?
  • eat entirely by mouth, or eat regularly by mouth and use a feeding tube to supplement eating?

If these statements reflect your situation, you qualify to take a brief (~ 15 min) survey asking about your opinions regarding how dysphagia impacts eating with others. Identification of people with dysphagia who experience a significant impact on psychological and/or social health could facilitate personalized interventions aimed at improving quality of life, despite the presence of dysphagia.    

This study is being conducted by Jan Pryor, a doctoral student in Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Washington, Seattle.

Interested in participating? Fill out the form below:

Eating Together After Cancer

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