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Phagophobia: The Fear of Eating

Written by Liza Blumenfeld, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S


Every human has experienced the uncomfortable sensation of choking. For many, it is a sporadic event that passes without much thinking. A loved one may offer a reminder to “slow down” or “not talk with your mouth full”. Unfortunately, for some, the fear of swallowing is an all-encompassing emotion that can render the act of eating as joyless. A small percentage of these individuals bear this burden while being told that their symptoms are essentially baseless. In other words, they are told it is all in their heads.

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Easy Pureed Meals

[Editor’s Note: Gourmet Pureed is a supporting partner of the NFOSD.]


If you’ve been told that you have to change the way you eat and now eat only a puréed diet, where do you go for convenient, healthful prepared meals?

If you are like most Americans you purchase the majority of your food in a grocery store but if you are home-bound or recovering from a medical crisis, where do you turn?

Fortunately, there are online suppliers like Gourmet Puréed.

Gourmet Puréed delivers fresh-cooked, nutritious, ready-made refrigerated puréed meals right to your door. Each meal has a main dish, vegetable and fruit or snack.

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Preparing Modified Meals

Laura Michael, NFOSD Board Member and owner of Dysphagia Solutions, has prepared a wonderful, informational video series titled, “Making Every Bite Count,” which demonstrates how to prepare modified meals.

Perfectly Safe Popsicles & Frozen Treats

Video Update: Please note that although starch-based thickeners cannot be frozen, all xanthan gum-based  thickeners can be used to thicken liquids. Some companies, including Thick-It®, produce both starch-based and xanthan-based thickeners.


Equipment Review

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Advice from Survivors to Patients with Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer

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#D4DA Cookbook

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.22.49 AMThe University of Wisconsin-Madison speech-language pathology students hosted a “Dining for Dysphagia Awareness” community potluck in December 2014. Guests were asked to prepare a dish that met the criteria for a “Level 1: Dysphagia Pureed” or a “Level 2: Dysphagia Mechanically Altered.” The UW-Madison National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association (NSSHLA) collected the recipes and created an event cookbook.

Click here for the recipes: #D4DA Cookbook