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NFOSD Reaches Out to Capitol Hill

Over the next few weeks, NFOSD will be meeting with Congressional staff members in both the Senate and House of Representatives to raise dysphagia awareness and seek guidance on how to increase federal funding for swallowing disorder research.

NFOSD launched a petition two weeks ago to increase swallowing disorder awareness and research funding at NIH.  The petition is an important step in raising awareness and increasing attention to swallowing disorders.  Meeting with Congressional staff members is another way of achieving those goals.

LET’S MAKE OUR VOICE BE HEARD: SIGN THE PETITION AND SHARE IT. Do it for someone you love or someone you don’t even know.  Do it for those still isolated and suffering. Let’s not rest until they too can have birthday cake, thanksgiving dinner, hot soup on a cold day, cool water on a hot day and can sit at our tables once more.

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