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New Resource: Educational Dysphagia Video

[Editor’s Note: The NFOSD Team has reviewed the DVD described below. While the DVD content overlaps with the NFOSD oral exercise videos and the iSwalllow app, it does serve as an additional tool available in DVD format to help treat the population who suffer from dysphagia. The NFOSD has no financial interest, relationship with, or conflict of interest to disclose in the sale of this DVD.]


In 2015, KRSD Communication Tools published “Educational Video for Individuals with Dysphagia: Exercises and Maneuvers to Help with Swallowing Difficulties,” a home therapy program created by three speech-language pathologists (Dondorf, Fabus, and Gatzonis) for use by both clinicians and patients.

This 12-minute video describes and provides demonstrations of multiple swallowing exercises, maneuvers, and compensatory strategies that are commonly prescribed for patients with dysphagia.

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To learn more about this therapy tool and to purchase, please visit their website at: Free downloadable and printable exercise and recommendation forms are also available on their website.

You can also purchase a copy of this DVD from Amazon at: