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{Recording: Passy-Muir Tracheostomy & Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve

Featuring: Kristin King, PhD, CCC-SLP

Originally Broadcast July 26, 2023

Join us for our Meet the Makers Series for a chance to hear directly from dysphagia industry leaders on products that can help manage and treat swallowing disorders.

These one-hour webinars will include a 30 minute product presentation, followed by up to 30 minutes of interactive Q&A where you will have a chance to ask all of your questions.

These presentations are geared towards people living with dysphagia and their loved ones. Healthcare professionals that treat people with dysphagia are also welcome to attend.

As with all of our online learning events, registration is free!

Presentation Description: Following a tracheostomy, patients lose airflow to the upper airway which impacts speech, swallowing, and much more. Research has shown that these changes negatively impact psychological well-being and may even lengthen stays in medical facilities. However, research also has shown that restoring the voice and addressing swallowing may have huge impacts on patients’ well-being and recovery. The Passy-Muir Valve (PMV) is a biased-closed, no-leak swallowing and speaking valve developed by a patient with a tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation for patients with tracheostomies. While a small device, the PMV provides a huge impact for patients in the areas of speech, swallowing, and more. All the benefits and effects on dysphagia are addressed in peer-reviewed research studies with a clinical emphasis. In this talk, Dr. King will review the benefits with an emphasis on the need to restore physiologic and respiratory pressures to assist with improving function, including the potential impacts on dysphagia. Join us to learn more about the Valve and its impacts for patients through an evidence-based lens.

Please note: The NFOSD is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization. We do not endorse specific products, treatments, or brands. The NFOSD does not provide person-specific medical advice or treatment recommendations. This presentation is for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never modify your treatment plan without consulting with your healthcare team. If you need assistance identifying a swallowing disorder specialist, please contact us at

Meet the Presenter

Kristin King, PhD, CCC-SLP. With over 25 years of experience in medical, academic, and industry settings, Dr. King brings a unique perspective to medical speech-language pathology. With a focus on neurological disease processes, her clinical practice, research, and teachings have focused on traumatic brain injury, swallowing disorders, and aspects of critical care (tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation) in both the pediatric and adult populations. She regularly speaks both domestically and internationally and publishes in peer-reviewed and clinical journals. She also has acted as an expert witness on these same topics. She oversees the development of multimedia education on topics relevant to speech-language pathology, respiratory therapy, nursing, and other clinical professions. She is the Vice President of Clinical Education and Research for Passy Muir.