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{Recording} TAD Talk: Feeding on the Frontlines
{Recording} Zenker's Diverticulum & the Multiverse of Endoscopic Interventions
{Recording} We Don’t Have X-Ray Vision: Optimizing Dysphagia Assessment with Instrumental Exams
{Recording} Exploring Tongue Muscle Regeneration for Dysphagia
{Recording} Financial Toxicity Caused by Head and Neck Cancer
NFOSD Dysphagia Volunteerism Award
{Recording} Let's Get Physical! Basics of Swallowing Exercise Science
Recording: Savorease Therapeutic Foods
{RECORDING} Making the Most of Your Dysphagia Team
[Archive] Going Beyond the Swallow: Managing Aspiration Pneumonia
{RECORDING} Through Thick & Thin: Diet Texture Modification
{Recording} TAD Talk: Making Dysphagia Easier to Swallow
Dining Out with Dysphagia: An Open Conversation
RECORDING: Swallowing Problems in Neurologic Disease: Why isn't there a pill for that yet?
The American Broncho-Esophagological Association Releases their Position Statement on the Use of Swallowing Fluoroscopy in Adults
Survey Opportunity: Dry Mouth
Unidentified Causes of Dysphagia
Mia's Story
Learning How to Live a Positive, Healthy Life with Dysphagia
{Recording} Dining Health – A Person-Centered Approach to Improving the Eating Experience
Airway Protection Program: Expiratory Muscle Strength Training for Dysphagia Treatment
Webinar Recording: Survivorship 101 -Navigating Head and Neck Cancer
Webinar Recording - Get More Bang for Your Buck: Enhancing the Balance between Eating and Energy
Feeding the Medically Fragile Infant
Webinar Recording! More than Oral Care - Let’s Talk Oral Infection Control
Webinar Recording: Swallowing Exercises with Biofeedback
Swallowing Exercise with Biofeedback
Webinar Recording: Why We Should Care About Pill Dysphagia
The US & Territories IDDSI Reference Group is Seeking Volunteers
Webinar Recording: Understanding Transitional Foods
Managing Dysphagia in Adults with Intellectual Disability - Webinar Recording
Managing Dysphagia in Adults with Intellectual Disability - Webinar Recording
COVID-19 Resources
Managing Dysphagia in the ICU - Webinar Recording
FDA Requests Removal of Ranitidine Products (Zantac), Citing Cancer Risk
Inside a Swallowing Disorder Support Group
Webinar Recording: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll – Modern Day Head and Neck Cancer
Webinar Recording: Dysphagia’s Broader Impacts on Caregivers & Families
Radiation Associated Dysphagia
An SLP with ACC
Webinar Recording: Parkinson's Disease & Swallowing
Swallowing and Parkinson's Disease
Research Opportunity
Webinar! Parkinson's Disease & Swallowing
Paid Research Opportunity
NFOSD Presents the 2019 #IDDSIchallenge!
I Can Sing! Who Knew?!
“Traveling Space Available” (III)
Dysphagia in the News: Florida Weekly
The Gaffigans Raise Awareness of Swallowing Disorders
Webinar Recording: Dysphagia & Dementia
Webinar Recording: How to Puree your Thanksgiving Dinner
Dysphagia Research Study Opportunity for Patients/Caregivers
Webinar Recording: Pain & Dysphagia
Webinar Recording: Aspiration Pneumonia
Cost of Oropharyngeal Dysphagia
The Shaking Man (A Prose Poem), Part 1
Food is Love
NUTRAPHAGIA: Dignity and Joy through Food
Tongue Strengthening Devices for Dysphagia Rehabilitation
IDDSI 2018 Contest
Dysphagia in the News: What Science is Doing for Swallowing Problems
Dysphagia in the News: Hard to Swallow
New Webinar: The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)
New Publication: Economic and Survival Burden of Dysphagia among Inpatients in the United States
Dysphagia in the News: When Your Tongue Needs a Tuneup
Recording: NFOSD Virtual Conference 2017
New Webinar: Head and Neck Lymphedema -- A Common Complication in Patients Treated for Head and Neck Cancer
Free Webinar -- Dysphagia Grand Rounds: To E-stim or Not to E-stim
My Belly Has Two Buttons
2017 NFOSD Online Dysphagia Conference
Conference Planning Committee
2017 NFOSD Online Dysphagia Conference Main Program
New Webinar! Building a Future that is Easier to Swallow
New Webinar! Electrical Stimulation in Dysphagia Treatment
Treating Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Webinar! Gaining Greater Body Image Acceptance when Living with Dysphagia: Practical Tips and Strategies
What Parents Should Know About Radiation Safety and Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Studies (VFSS)
Breaking News: FDA Approves Phase I for Human Tongue Stem Cell Initiative to Treat Dysphagia
Innovations in Dysphagia Nutrition: Xanthan Gum for Quality of Life
I Love You Even If This Is Forever
WEBINAR! Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing: A Caregiver Forum
Free Online Course! Dysphagia: "Swallowing Difficulties and Medicine"
HPV: Changing the Face of Head & Neck Cancer
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...Or Not
My Failed Swallow: A Disability, Not a Mindset
It's a Scary Time of Year
NEW WEBINAR! Dysphagia and Incomplete Glottic Closure (12/2/15)
Welcome to the NFOSD Community Forum!
Swallowing Apps for Patients and Clinicians
Adaptive Feeding Devices
Facing Fears and Finding Hope
You are Registered for "The Most Common Causes of Solid Food Dysphagia- Advanced Techniques of Diagnosis and Management" (9/14/15)
Easy Pureed Meals
NEW WEBINAR! Living with Dysphagia: A Patient & Caregiver Panel (7/14/15)
Stroke: Swallowing Basics
International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative Survey
Traveling With Tube Feeds
Webinar Recording: High-Resolution Manometry
Dysphagia in Teens & Adults
Munchies Publication (3/13/2015)
Petition - Increase Swallowing Disorder (Dysphagia) Research Coordination within NIH
Head and Neck Cancer: Swallowing Basics
New Webinar! When Images Aren't Enough: High-Resolution Manometry in Complex Dysphagia (4/7/15)
Sin City Swallow Conference 2015 - #ThickenedLiquidChallenge
Breaking news - A potential game changer for patients with profound oropharyngeal dysphagia
New Webinar! Neurodegenerative Disease and Dysphagia (2/25/15)
How To Thicken Liquids
Gigi, Your Kiss is Broken
European Society for Swallowing Disorders - World Swallowing Disorder Day Survey
Dining for Dysphagia - U. of Wisc. NSSHLA (12/8/14)
Seattle area: Swallowing Support group (12/10/14)
Fears of Living with Dysphagia
Stroke Rehab: From No-Tech to Go-Tech (New Zealand) (May 21-23 2015)
Stroke Rehab: From No-Tech to Go-Tech (New Zealand) (May 10 - 12 2015)
A Decade of Coping (Voiceless, Hungry, and Determined at 16 – Part 2)
The New York Times' Green Smoothie Taste Challenge
Voiceless, Hungry, and Determined at Sixteen
What do those with a swallowing disorder fear?
New Webinar! Finding the Right Swallowing Specialist - Nancy Swigert, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S (9/30/2014)
Dysphagia Research Society (DRS) 2015 Annual Meeting (March 11 - 14 / 2015)
Sin City Swallow Convention 2015 (February 22 - 24 / 2015)
The Real Life by Carolyn Anderson
Couldn't Believe It
NEW! Dysphagia Webinar: The role of electrical stimulation in treatment for dysphagia - Dr. Christy Ludlow (8/27/2014)
NFOSD reaches out to University Speech-Language Pathology programs
A New, Free Online Course-- “Swallowing Difficulties and Medicine”
NFOSD Dysphagia Webinar series – The Revolution in Swallowing Restoration (July 15, 2014)
NFOSD e-Newsletter "Small Bytes" (Spring 2014)
Support Group Meeting For Caretakers and Patients (Cleveland, Ohio area) (5/22/14)
The Oley Foundation - 29th Annual Consumer/Clinician Conference (6/23 - 6/27)
Eat It ! Support Group for parents with children with feeding issues (Cleveland, Ohio area) (4/24/14)
Dysphagia (swallowing disorder) -- so many questions -- so many answers! (Webinar 4/30/14)
Your First Swallow Assessment – What to Expect (Part 2)
Do You or Someone You Know have a Swallowing Problem? (Part 1)
Houston Area Swallowing Support group holds one year Anniversary Meeting
Your first swallow assessment - What to expect
She can't eat but wants to be a chef
Northern Speech Services (NSS) 2013 Charleston Swallowing Conference
Dine to Donate - SUNY New Paltz NSSLHA Supports NFOSD (Second Event)
Harrisonburg and Shenandoah Valley VA Swallowing Support Group (11/13/13)
Sin City Swallow Convention 2014
Dysphagia Research Society (DRS) 2014 Annual Meeting
Real Science; Real Hope! – Adult Stem Cell Human Tongue Infusion Initiative Moves into the Lab (update 2)
Which Dysphagia Cookbook is Right for You?
Meet May Roberta Roméy - She has Dysphagia
Not Just a "Fear of Food" - Pediatric Dysphagia
Advances in Swallowing Disorder Therapy
A Daughter's Thoughts - Happy Father's Day, Dad
MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston) Swallowing Boot Camp
Finding the Right Swallowing Specialist
Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Day
28th Annual Oley Consumer/Clinician Conference (June 26 - 29)
NFOSD e-Newsletter (April 2013)
Real Science; Real Hope! – Adult Stem Cell Human Tongue Infusion Initiative (Update)
How Aging Affects Our Swallowing Ability
Team “Phoenix Fury” Constructs Robotic Devise to Assist Those with Dysphagia
Houston Area Swallowing Support Group – February 9, 2013
Increase Swallowing Disorder (Dysphagia) Research -- Support this Petition to the National Institute of Health (NIH)
Bittersweet Nectar - The Journey of a Mom and Her Son
NFOSD e-Newsletter (December 2012)
Thanksgiving is a Tough Time for Those Unable to Eat
Eli: A Beautiful Thriving 2 Year Old… with Dysphagia
Write an article; you can help!
2013 Charleston Swallowing Conference
Swallowing versus Feeding Disorders in Children
Pill Swallowing, Helpful Tips and Ideas
Sin City Swallow Convention 2013
Support Group Success
Swallowing Support Group, August 9, 2011
Sonia Blue Profile
Prototype 'Piercing' Restores Man's Ability to Swallow
Manual Control of the Upper Esophageal Sphincter
Swallowing Support Group, August 28, 2010