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I Love You Even If This Is Forever

Three years ago this month, Julia Tuchman wrote one of our most read patient stories titled “The Hunger Games.” She has gone on to publish an updated story in Elephant Journal that has received over 20,000 views since its publications in May 2016. Julia is an active member of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders and an inspiring advocate for dysphagia awareness. At the end of her article, the NFOSD Swallow Documentary has been included to allow those not familiar with swallowing disorders to gain perspective into the lives of those living with dysphagia.

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One comment on “I Love You Even If This Is Forever

  1. Carol Letzter Reply

    Jillia is like so many individuals living with dysphagia and who dream of being able to simply eat and enjoy a meal. She describes her liquified diet and her yearning to be able to eat everyday types of food. She describes how not being able to eat affects every aspect of her life in a negative way yet she tries desperately to remain hopeful.

    As a speech pathologist as well as an individual who too had to be on diet restrictions I have developed such empathy for my patients with dysphagia.

    That is why we have been working tirelessly to develop a menu of delicious and visually appealing contoured pureed meals. We hope to be taking orders in the very near future and our passion is to just see smiles on the faces of individuals having to consume pureed meals. Please visit us at to learn more about our mission and products.

    There is always hope when someone truly cares. We do.

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