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    Hello. Just wanted to ask for advice about my teenage daughter with a learning disability. She has been suffering with fear of swallowing for 3 weeks. It’s getting worse every day. Really feel at wits end to help her. She will only eat porridge and struggles to eat anything else, especially meat. She has a fear of choking and feels that food gets stuck in her throat. Got appointment with a specialty doctor in 4 weeks. But feel it is too long to wait. Really don’t know what to do. Extremely worried about her. Would really appreciate any help or advice u can give me. Many thanks.

    — Posted by: The NFOSD Team

    [NFOSD post: We receive about 300 inquires annually from patients or caregivers suffering from dysphagia. We typically refer them to qualified swallowing specialists, medical teams, and/or physicians. There are some common themes such as, I thought I was the only one, nobody believes me, they can’t find anything wrong with me, I’ve been abandoned by my social circle (including family), etc. In our goal to raise dysphagia awareness, we’ll post anonymized versions of these inquiries periodically.]

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