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    [NFOSD post: We refer about 300 people annually to qualified swallowing specialists, medical teams, and/or physicians. There are some common themes such as, I thought I was the only one, nobody believes me, they can’t find anything wrong with me, I’ve been abandoned by my social circle (including family), etc. In our goal to raise dysphagia awareness, we’ll post anonymized versions of these inquiries periodically. We received this one on Christmas eve.]

    Hello. I have been personally dealing with severe swallowing difficulties since January 2016 and overall swallowing problems not as severe for the past six years. I have seen my regular physicians as well as physicians at a highly qualified hospital. They report that I have a type but not a classified form of dysphasia but absolutely no concrete diagnosis. I’m desperate for help. I have lost a serious amount of weight due to malnutrition from this with many trips to the ER for IV fluids for dehydration from not being able to swallow anything. Please let me know who to contact!
    Thank you!

    — Posted by: The NFOSD Team

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