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    On February 18, 2016 I had a root canal procedure on tooth 47, bottom right molar, it was a nightmare during and after procedure. The initial appointment was 40min longer than scheduled and almost fainted when finished, so weak I had to take the chairlift down because I was so unsteady.

    Post procedure, I went to the dentist complaining of pain three different times, the pain level was a ten. First visit Dentist said “Maybe you’re still healing” second visit, he said “Here’s a prescription for antibiotics”, third “Maybe you have tooth sensitivity put some toothpaste on it”. I left the office afraid, in tears, and in excruciating pain.

    I switched dentists, the new doctor gave me more antibiotics but they did not help. I was taking 8 Tylenol 3’s per day and 10 Ibuprofens, nothing would ease the pain. The new doctor prescribed me Dexamethazone and referred me to an Endodontist. My appointment with the specialist was May 7, 2016. The specialist cleaned the root then did an X-ray, after reviewing the X-ray he sat beside me and grabbed my hand and told me he’d have to operate. I was cut from mid-bottom to the very back, I was full of abscess; he had to expose my jawbone to scrub all the abscess off. It was a long 3.5hrs of dental surgery.

    The specislist warned that there’s a risk that there may be still microscopic abscess and pain may return. Sure enough a few weeks later the pain was back with a vengeance. There’s a nerve in our mouthes that if cut can cause numb-face for life so he wasn’t able to go any lower during first surgery. So, on June 23, 2016 I was back at the specislist’s office getting another dental surgery. This time the doctor extracted the tooth, then re-implanted the very same tooth.

    On June 24, 2016, one day post procedure I was at the airport awaiting my flight to depart. So hungry, I went and grabbed a soup with a bun, I dipped my bun in the soup and proceeded to swallow, that was the first time I choked, since that day I have never been able to eat normal again.

    Absolutely terrifying to lose normal swallowing function, I never eat in restaurants. Everything I eat is chewed until it is almost liquid and sometimes I still choke. I’ve gotten a Barium swallow X-ray, then a Barium Swallow X-ray with a marshmallow, a CT Scan, and a throat scope. I am scheduled to see a Neurologist on January 24, 2017 and waiting to be scheduled with the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.

    I am so afraid that I’ll never be normal again, truly terrifying. Is there anything that I’m missing? Are there exercises I should be doing to regain the muscle strength in my throat? Should my doctors be doing more? I’m at a loss, not too sure if I’ll ever recover.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Hi Canada73,

    I am sorry to hear about the difficulty you are having with swallowing after your dental work. You are on the right path with getting a thorough assessment (CT scan, barium swallow studies, scope). Seeing an ENT and neurologist sounds like a good next step. It is important to understand the cause of the swallowing disorder in order to know the best way to treat it. There are several causes of swallowing disorders including muscle weakness, nerve injury, or abnormal anatomy, among others. Different treatment approaches will be recommended based on the underlying cause. We recommend working with a speech-language pathologist who can interpret the findings of the swallowing assessments and recommend a treatment plan based on this information. If you need assistance contacting a speech-language pathologist, please email us at info@nfosd.com with your location.

    -The NFOSD Team


    Sorry to hear about your condition canada73.
    I underwent dental procedures from dental professionals in High Park last month and I am very happy with the results.
    I wonder why you face difficulty in swallowing after having a dental procedure. I have heard that some people will have “dry-mouth” immediately after having dental procedures. I think this difficulty in swallowing might have been caused due to your anxiety. Some people will experience similar trouble after having dental procedures.

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