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    This is for informational purposes and to bring awareness to a new product. Allow me to introduce myself, I am a registered nurse with experience working with infants and children in the NICU & PICU. In my current professional position I advocate for families and children in the community, during my time as a nurse I have heard many complaints through the years about the nasogastric tubes. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you a new product that I have recently created called the ‘Naso Bib’. Naso Bib is an innovative and specialized bib created for infants/children who require feeding through a nasogastric tube.

    For parents, Naso Bib means NO MORE PINNING, NO MORE TAPING! Prior to our invention, parents with infants/children who have nasogastric tubes were taping the balance of tube to their infant or child’s clothing, which can be unattractive and uncomfortable. Naso Bib was created and designed to 1) discourage infants/children from pulling out their tubes, and 2) to hide the extra tubing that can be pulled and cause harm to the child. If the child cannot see the tube, they are more likely not to pull out the tube, which in turn eliminates a major medical and safety concern.

    Naso Bib has concealed pockets on either the right or the left side, just below the shoulder area in front of the bib, with a matching pocket on the back flap. Again, these pockets are used to hide that excess tubing that parent’s are currently tapping or pinning to their children clothing. Our bibs have 2 snaps for adjustability, and fits sizes 3-12 months or 12 months-3-years. The bibs are made out of 100% cotton flannel and are very soft to touch. In addition, it has a nylon layer inside the bib, which makes it water resistant. Naso Bib will work with any type of nasogastric tube, and no matter what side of the bib in which the nasogastric tube is placed, the bib can accommodate the tube.

    The overarching goal of our product is to eliminate the inefficiencies of nasogastric tube utilization, while making it more attractive and ultimately, meeting the parent’s needs. If you are aware of a family that would benefit from the product I would send them a couple to try at no cost to them. If you have any questions and would like to learn more about the Naso Bib, follow us on Facebook.com/Nasobib and twitter@nasobib and visit our online store at http://www.nasobib.com.

    Your truly


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