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    For an eBook containing recipes for the upcoming holiday meals, please go to the Essential Puree website.
    There you will find the new series of eBooks. The first of them is “The Purees of Fall: The Holiday Meal.”

    These are quick and easy to prepare for caregivers, from quality go-to ingredients, using a healthy cooking method. The idea is to create flavor, even when creating the iconic desserts such as pumpkin flan and pecan pie. Yes, this eBook contains desserts for the dysphagia kitchen, (using techniques from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for the Puree Diet.)

    Essential Puree also has Free Downloads of “The Science of Puree” and also “Tools for the Puree Kitchen” as well as the very necessary “Master Sauce Guide.” The sauce, is the medium of flavor, and is essential to creating great food for the dysphagia kitchen.

    Just because the form of the food changes does not mean that the food can’t taste great. These are tweaked versions of the classics, but it is better to have a tweaked version of a dish than not to have the dish at all.

    You might want to check out “Purees of Fall: Game Day” for recipes that will serve a gathering of friends for a game that is also a tasty recipe that can be shared by the dysphagia patient. This was created at the suggestion of the eminent speech language pathologist, David Fagen, who did not want his patients to be isolated from the social events of life.

    These are available for mobile devices of all kinds.


    Happy Holidays and Swirl Away!

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