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    I just read the story on your website: My Failed Swallow and my heart dropped to my stomach. My son, a 20-something year old, developed the inability to swallow 9 months ago and now lives on liquid drinks. After many tests by ENT’s and neurologist they have done nothing to help him swallow. We were told he had a weakened muscle in his esophagus. They then stated to see psychiatrist and gave him medication for anxiety – pill form knowing he cannot swallow. After reading this story – my son had what we believed were many cold sore outbreaks on his lips inside and out. PLEASE if you have any information on resources/doctors/centers that can help him, please contact me. He has lost over 20 lbs and it has been 9 months of torture and hopelessness.

    — Posted by: The NFOSD Team

    [NFOSD post: We receive about 300 inquires annually from patients or caregivers suffering from dysphagia. We typically refer them to qualified swallowing specialists, medical teams, and/or physicians. There are some common themes such as, I thought I was the only one, nobody believes me, they can’t find anything wrong with me, I’ve been abandoned by my social circle (including family), etc. In our goal to raise dysphagia awareness, we’ll post anonymized versions of these inquiries periodically.]

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