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    My teeth are overcrowded and my dentist recommended having a wisdom teeth removal procedure from Aurora. I feel as if my mouth is full of teeth, and this has also affected my talking pattern. I cannot spell and pronounce certain words clearly because of this overcrowded teeth.
    I am very scared about dental procedures. They say that they will give general anesthesia during the procedure which reduces the pain.
    Next month, I am getting married. I am already very lean and am trying to get fat. I have heard that certain food restrictions will be there after having the wisdom tooth extracted. The doctor told that crunchy and spicy foods must be avoided, at least for a week. I am not a fan of spicy foods. Also, I am a vegetarian.
    Is there anybody over here who can suggest me a diet pattern that should be followed after having the wisdom tooth extracted? I am scared whether I will be lean after following diet restrictions.

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