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    Has anyone here ever had bronchial irritation that was connected to their swallowing disorder, or know of such a case?

    I was diagnosed with a swallowing disorder last year; I have a weak swallow (possibly caused by damage to throat when I had acid reflux, which has since been cured). Food and liquid often get stuck in my throat on the way down, tests have shown. I’ve had chronic, non-asthmatic irritation in my upper airway for quite some time, for which no doctor has been able to determine the cause. I’ve been wondering if a possible cause is that I’m aspirating micro particles of food or liquid.

    My doctor has told me no, that if I were aspirating food I’d definitely know because I’d be coughing and hacking, but I’m wondering if that’s necessarily true for very small particles of food. I don’t really have a cough, or even feel congestion in my chest, so I doubt there’s any infection. It’s just a low-grade burning that starts in my throat and goes down into my chest/upper airway, and it varies throughout the day. Nitric Oxide test has shown that my airway is definitely irritated by something. Thanks for any insight.

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