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    I saw this in the news today. A women in Florida who had not been able to eat or drink for a year due to an improper intubation following a serious accident is relearning how to swallow using her throat muscles to control characters in a video game.

    Here’s a link to the story which includes a short video clip of her using the game: http://fcnews.tv/1k4PsOA

    This isn’t for everyone, but it could be a useful tool in our arsenal of swallowing rehabilitation. If you have a similar underlying medical condition tied to your swallowing disorder, check with your healthcare team to see if this is a viable option. It seems to be working for the women in this news story.

    P.S. You’ll have to listen to a short advertisement from the news source before viewing the clip or reading the story. But, for those who are interested, it’s worth it.

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