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    A member of our community shared with us his comprehensive maintenance plan. His goal is maintaining his quality of speech and swallowing in the face of the side effects of long term head and neck cancer treatment. One part of his plan that jumped out at us was his oral hygiene care. As too many of you know, dry mouth and the effects of radiations can lead to a dramatic increase in cavities and jaw bone compromise (including possible bone infections and failure).

    He went from a C grade from my dental hygienist to straight A’s by upping this oral care plan. Here’s his 5-point morning and evening oral care ritual:

    1) Waterpik “water” flosser with a wand that enables one to direct water to flow between every tooth (surprising the particles that are sprayed into the sink).

    2) Waterpik “electric” flosser (thin that fits between all teeth).

    3) Between the use of an electric tooth brush, use an interdental brush/pick (Click here for samples).

    4) Sonicare toothbrush – has much more power than hand brushing or some of the less expensive electric toothbrushes.

    5) Tongue scraper – surprising what comes off our tongue.

    After meals when eating out: Carry and use Brushpicks

    While this may seem like a lot of work, it significantly improved the quality of his teeth and mouth even in the face of the challenges from a late long term radiation effect.

    Another case of an ounce of prevention for a pound of gain.

    The NFOSD Team

    P.S. The NFOSD has no relationship (financial or otherwise) to disclose with any of the products mentioned in this post.

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