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Laura Michael

Jeffiejune, I agree: Ice cream rocks! Ice cream is on the “no-no list” for those on thickened liquids but there are a couple of things to try. Hormel Health Labs makes a thickened dessert called “Magic Cup”. Magic Cups are delicious and are packed with protein, nutrition and calories. They are like ice cream-meets-supplement. They are available for purchase on-line but the shipping is very expensive, as they have to ship frozen. Here’s where to order them: http://www.foodservicedirect.com/product.cfm/p/2975158/Magic-Cup-Fortified-Snack.htm

I can also recommend making your own safe ice cream. It’s not as difficult as it sounds; you just need the right product: Simply Thick. Simply Thick is a gum-based, gel instant food thickener. It works in liquids and in pureed foods. Though it is more expensive than a powdered gum-based thickener, it is great in this application. Here’s how it works: Soften a serving of his favorite ice cream in a bowl. It needs to be almost melted. If he’s on nectar thick liquids, vigorously mix in a nectar packet (or pump) of Simply Thick. If he’s on honey, use a honey packet or pump. Mix ice cream/Simply Thick mixture until it is smooth. Refreeze the ice cream, mixing every 15 – 20 minutes until it is a soft-serve texture. At this point, it should never get below a heavy nectar (or honey) consistency. In the meantime, I’ll make sure that we update the link to the instructions for both popsicles and granita.

Hope this helps!