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Hi. Teens can be nasty to others and many don’t understand the impact. I don’t know if this helps, but I had a tooth implant, back upper left molar. This involved the extraction of the bad tooth, then an implant post, then waiting for bone to grow into the implant post, then a new fake tooth. I also had a lower front tooth break off from decay at the gum line. This was a bit easier as it was a quick extraction and a few stitches which, including the numbing, took less than 5 minutes. A week later, when the gums had healed and stitches removed, a new tooth was bonded to the teeth on either side. This took about 45 minutes. Both experiences were relatively painless. I know two people who had their two front teeth repaired or replaced. It depended on how much tooth was left and the overall health of the surrounding teeth and gums. If you could share a bit more about the condition of the two teeth that are broken and your general gum health, others may be about to provide more specifics.