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Hi everyone and thanks for sharing your experiences mariax. It’s so good to know we are not alone! I fell pregnant in April and thought this is the last thing I need, i couldn’t feed myself let along a growing foetus! Then I got admitted to hospital three times with quincy which meant I had over 30 needles put into my throat in less than a month. During this I changed my therapist who focused on the anxiety. Gradually I have started to swallow larger quantities but this will go up and down with my mood.it has been up for a couple of months now and I gave birth this week, since I have eaten so well and so quick, i think breastfeeding is helping as my appetite seems to be back too! I struggled when pregnant to get enough calories in but made sure I was getting the right foods with the right nutrition but we’ve made it and my new baby is healthy and normal. I now feel there is an end to this one day, i feel I just need to be more confident with the swallow and one day it will be back to normal. Like you say mariax just keep practicing the foods you enjoy and don’t put pressure on yourself or care what other people think. I find it helps to take off my plate half the portion if it is served too big or only order a starter and a dessert if I go out for a meal. Dig deep for underlying causes that may have caused anxiety. Mine has been having over 10 bereavement’s in two years, learned behaviour from my father when growing up being told I was useless and then the choking incident just put the whole thing to the extreme of a swallowing problem. Stay strong people and looking forward to your updates. Merry Christmas! (even if it’s on a liquid diet make sure it contains some brandy lol) xxx