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I am the author of a series of eBooks for the dysphagia kitchen. I consulted with an eminent speech language pathologist by the name of David Fagen, who practices in Florida.

David told me that he wanted his patients to be able to join in the social events of life, not to be excluded.

So I wrote an eBook called “The Purees of Fall: Game Day.” I included recipes that could be made for a social event, such as a Game Day, but could also be pureed. The person with dysphagia can eat a tweaked version of the classic American dishes.

I use a healthy cooking method, the electric pressure cooker, to render the food moist and tender for the puree. I use quality go-to ingredients. The sauce is the medium of flavor.

I have a Free Download of the “Master Sauce Guide.” My blog contains tips, tricks, tools and techniques, for bringing flavor and enjoyment to the puree kitchen. You can check out Essential Puree on Twitter and Facebook.


From Diane