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Hello everyone, i’m so glad i found this and just wanted to check how everyone is. I was always able to eat properly, would wolf my food down without thinking about it and have a meal finished in 5-10 minutes. But a few weeks ago i choked on a sandwich 3 times in the same sitting and now i havent been able to eat properly since. I have good days where i’ll be able to eat some foods like spaghetti and food with sauces but then i’ll hit days where all i can eat is oats and soup. This has manifested into anxiety and panic attacks too because of the thought of having to eat (i went out for a meal with friends and ended up in the ER with a panic attack). My throat has been checked and there is nothing physically wrong with me, so i think it is all in my head which gets me down because i just want to eat normally. I am seeing a therapist about the anxiety and panic attacks but seriously considering paying for CBT for the swallowing issues. I’m so scared, but glad i’ve found something so similiar to my own problem.