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Stella, Sorry took me long to respond had problems getting logged in. Before my upper gi I had got food stuck in my throat, when they went in said I had a little narrowing and that they stretched it. It felt like I was swallowing a egg afterwards but disappeared a few day after and I could swallow food fine, about a couple of weeks later I was eating and got a small piece of food stuck. You should be fine just sore after stretching is done. I noticed one day at work I had a muscle spasm and one of my vertabrea in the T spine was catching and I went to eat lunch and was having a little trouble swallowing my food even thou puree but just thinned it out with water and was ok. I know one day I will try to chew my food up again but I will start with my puree and just gradually go from smooth to chunky and see what happens. For me I puree everything is wonderful plus it extract the nutrient’s for better absorption from the food. I know its a pain in the booty to go home and puree but if that what helps me Im going to keep doing it. I will keep you in prayers. I know its hard but as long as we can help support each other we will all be ok. I will stay intouch now since I can log in.