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Hi Jerry, thanks for your suggestions. I often think that sometimes the best solution also for me is to blend everything but in the meantime I’m afraid that with this solution I would have an exuse to not try to swallow solid food again. But the loss of weight for me is a very serious problem, and I’m afraid also becasue a lot of people is asking me why I slim down so fast, and it’s difficult for me to explain the problem. I wanted to ask you something, before you did the stretching of the esophagus, you were fine? You could swallow? Because I did not understand if before your 50yr old check up you were fine or you already had swallowing problems. I’m asking because next week I had to do again a gastroscopy to see if somewhere in my esophagus there is a sort of narrowing and I heard that they would suggest some kind of dilation but now I’m a bit scared!