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Hey Jules,Stella
Sorry been awhile lost password and just got it today. I have been Puréeing all my food and it has been great. I have done that to just about any food I can get. I can make it to a thick liquid to a thin liquid and have been doing great on it. Hell I can even purée pizza and it taste wonderful,it’s like it inhances the food taste. My doc wanted me to do a swallow test with a piece of food that is about 1/2 round and said if it got stuck it would dissolve in 30 sec but found out more like 30 minutes. I said no. I had a normal blender but was having to do it two to three times and I saw this add on the ninja blender system and ordered one and it did the job well. Push purée button and let it go and it cuts off when done. I even did a BBQ sandwich brisket and it was amazing. I can eat a lot more food this way plus I still do protein shakes to. I pray for you both and this has helped me a lot. I don’t mind sharing things .