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Jerry I hope you can get someone to help you regain your swallow. I am now using a new therapist to deal with finding the root causes of my anxiety of swallowing and not focus on the swallow itself. I have had tonsil abcess quinsy 3 times in one month and as a result been in hospital for the most of the month. I saw a speech and language therapist who couldn’t help me whilst there but I’m still waiting to see another to see if there is a different opinion. I have heard that stretching the oesophagus can cause problems, have you tried strengthening the throat? I have recently found this exercise in a feldenkrais technique book. Yawn…and notice the muscles in the throat expand. Now keep your mouth closed and try and yawn again or Recreate the movement in the throat. I am also doing exercises to relax and strengthen the neck face and jaw as I think it may be related. The only option for me is to try as many things as possible to help myself as its the only way to fix it and I will not accept that it will be permanent. 🙂