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I’m so glad I came across this site. I had a upper endoscopy done a few months back for my 50 yr old check up. They found I had narrowing of my esophagus so the stretched it. I felt like when I swallowed was like a baseball going done. After a few day I could swallow without having food get stuck. Now it has started sticking again like some comments above some days I can swallow and then I can’t. I chew my food seems like a hundred times and then swallow it does good. But I took a can of healthy choices beef veggies and put it in my blender and made it a thick liquid drink but still got some pieces stuck but was able to flush down. I am going back to my GI Doctor in the morning. I have been drinking protein shakes for breakfast. I have got some more organic protein shakes with higher protein and calories !! I feel for you all. It scares me to even swallow food. I have tried the exercises for learning to swallow again. I will keep updates after my appt.