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Hi all. Stella how did it go? My swallow xray was successful. The radiologist took me through the pictures and reassured me that everything is functioning as normal so that is good news and now I can rest that it is definitely a psychological problem. Afterwards I came home and swallowed three bits of Chinese chicken and a piece of beef from my partners takeaway meal the evening before. Unfortunately this didn’t continue and today at my therapy she made me try and swallow normally again and I felt like I was choking again. I had to get her to hit me on the back. She is blind and I had told her I was unhappy about performing the task as she can’t see me to help. Anyway that’s what CBT is all about is proving that your phobia is unlikely to ever happen again and that swallowing solid food is safe (as I didn’t choke) but I felt terrible like it was happening again. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! But until we can face the fear this is so difficult, especially when you try so hard to swallow and you just cannot physically get it down… The nurses at the xray said they have many people coming in with the same problem and it is very commonly caused by bereavements and stress so it was good to feel that I wasn’t wasting their time and it’s common. Mind over matter….xx