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Hi Stella, good to hear you’ve got some answers and more investigation happening. My xray is tomorrow (I can’t sleep) I had to cancel it last Friday as I got a chest infection and inflamed trachea, typical! Lol. So luckily they booked another for only a week, still I won’t get any results for another month!!! Grrr…. Where I’ve felt so sick this week I didn’t eat for four days and when I finally felt like food I was hoping there would be a small miracle and I could swallow but no such luck! I have been taking food into my cbt therapy but I don’t think it’s really helping at the moment. I try and practice the techniques at home but it doesn’t help. I suppose I’m probably just holding out for a medical diagnosis or some exercises from a professional who can help which I hope then will flick the switch back to the ‘normal’ position in my mind. Lol. Xxx