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https://www.facebook.com/groups/102453736503465/ here is a group I have joined recently, is it mainly professionals but they mention in my comment that it’s important to get a diagnosis before they can give any proper advice. I suppose all we can do is keep asking our docs until they have ruled everything out and we can concentrate on our mind work lol. I have seen my therapist today and she wants me to take in a coronation chicken wrap next week and just swallow. She says her supervisor has said that I must cut out all my safety behaviours (using sauce, chewing for ages, taking tiny bits down etc) and just swallow. I said that it’s alright for him to say!!!! Just swallow. Lol. It seems crazy to think but the mind is so powerful, it can just switch off a mechanism but the overall thing makes sense. Swallow test is on the 11th Stella, i have told them I’m not comfortable swallowing just like that until damage is ruled out. I’d prefer it if there was a first aid trained person in the room too, no offence to my therapist but she is blind and can’t see what is going on but I fully appreciate the work she is trying to do with me about controlling the mind and it’s behaviours. Xx