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Hi Karel, thanks for your reply and for sharing your recipe 🙂 Have you added some other things in your “safe list”?
For Elizabeth, I’ve made an xray with barius (I suppose it’s that liquid you describe, white and chalky) but they did not make me swallow anything else (nothing like pudding or cookie), maybe I had a sort of “partial exam”? Since my problem is mostly with solid food I think that maybe they should be testing me also with something like a cookie. I’m a bit worried about that, maybe It’s better for me to repeat the exam?

Jules, have you already made the xray? They made you swallow different things like Elizabeth said? Let us know when you have your results 🙂
I’m seeing a psychilogist but I read that with this kind of ploblem it’s better to speak with a CBT specialist.
On my safe list there are soups and smoothies too, cheese, chocolate, yogurt of course and pudding, sometimes I can also eat small portions of spaghetti or rice. A few weeks ago I also had some bread and some tuna ol salmon, something that now seems impossible to me. As you said, It’s always like I made two step forward and one step back. It’s kind of frustating. I already lost like 10kg, I’m pretty worried 🙁 I really hope that someone can give us some positive vibes telling that we can go through this!
Hope to hear from you soon! Stella