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Wow thanks so much for everyone’s support in this forum. It’s so good to be speaking to people who know what is happening and how we are feeling. My cbt therapist called today to ask to extend our session tomorrow to start experimenting with food. I already told her I’m not comfortable with it really until I’ve had some medical confirmation from the xray. I have made such an effort this week to try and regain the natural swallow. I realise I am preventing it and holding everything I have chewed in the front of my mouth and taking little bits down slowly so I have tried to allow the natural suck reflex to allow food to follow it’s natural course along the inside of my cheeks which I want to think is working although I still stick to the safe foods and meat and fish is impossible lol! I hope to look back at this in a few months and think what on earth was going on, swallowing is easy! But easier said than done! On my safe list is cheese and soft crackers, weetabix, blueberries, mushy peas, toast (sometimes), baked beans, chocolate buttons and kinder Bueno, very blended smooth home made soup and smoothies. My cholesterol has probably gone through the roof lol. Thanks for the sweet potato recipe and the reassurance on the xray. I look forward to hearing everyone’s updates and hang in there, we’ll get there! Xxx