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Hi everyone, it’s a relief also for me to have found someone to talk to and share the same experience. Sorry for my bad english but am an italian girl, and Jules I totally understand you. I have the same problem, it started 2 months ago, I was eating and talking as usual but a piece of meat seemd to get stucked in my throath like it was not going up or down. The sensation was awful and I had to go to the ER but they said it was everything ok. I made an xray with barius and an ultrasound to my thyroid but everythig seems to be normal. So thats why I started to think it’s all in my head. Some days I can eat something like a small portion of spaghetti, or even eggs (chewing everything a hundred times before swallowing) and other days I can’t take anything rather than a soup or milk. I really hope that there’s a way out of this. Hope to speak to you soon!