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Thank you so much for writing and sharing your experiences. I’ve been in a dark place the past couple of weeks. Just as I think I’m getting somewhere I crash again and can barely swallow my own saliva. It’s so annoying. I finally got to see a throat specialist after five months who was absolutely disgusted that my docs had waited so long and fobbed me off with anxiety all this time. He couldn’t believe I haven’t had a meal since September and lost two stone in the first four weeks. I saw him this week and he’s ordered a swallowing xray. Have either of you had this? I’ve read you have to swallow lying down which scares me rotten! Lol. In the meantime I’m seeing a CBT specialist who says it’s all in my head. I really actually hope it is all in my head to be honest. I asked the throat specialist if there’s any exercises I can do and he wasn’t into giving me any until he’s done the xray, i suppose then he’ll know which area to focus on and which exercises are best. I had an mri scan and that was clear so that part put my mind at ease. Xxx