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Hi Jan,
Thanks for your comments. Roy is lucky to have much saliva. Others experiencing the same treatment I have
heard were not so lucky. Roy had his treatment (chemo & radiation) in 2008. He was fine eating and drinking
for five years after cancer remission. Two years ago swallowing difficulties resorted to eating soft foods only, which led to purees and then complex aspiration and weight loss. At weight 105 we welcomed the return of the peg tube at this stage as difficult as it was for us both to accept. His weight went from 105 to the present 121. Although we don’t feel the therapy treatments are helping much as long as he has all this mucus in his throat. He has posponed therapy until he can get control of the mucus problem. He is finding comfort and able to eliminate much mucus with the addition of water to his diet as was suggested. Also gargling with ginger ale is also helpful. We are grateful for all suggestions.
Chuck & Roy