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Feeding tube or no feeding tube? That is the question!

Feeding tube imageFor many with a swallowing disorder, a number of factors come into play when deciding to use or not use a feeding tube. And, it’s not just whether or not it’s the right decision, but other questions come into play: the type of feeding tube, the timing of when to begin (and maybe more important, when to stop), the duration, and one’s emotions about the tube itself all play a role in making this decision.


The NFOSD is always on the lookout for valuable content for our community. Please click here to be directed to an article written by Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP, of Voice Aerobics, LLC. She presents the three primary types of feeding tube, the adverse health events (e.g., disease, injury) that help justify the need and timing of a feeding tube, and the potential implications of a feeding tube in a patient who is no longer able to make their own decision.

Thank you Mary for developing this article and allowing us to share it with our community.