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VitalStim® Plus – NMES and sEMG Biofeedback – CIAO Seminar

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Exercise is the key ingredient to rehabilitation and dysphagia rehabilitation is no different. The skilled clinician must have a variety of treatment tools available to facilitate an effective exercise program. Ten years ago, VitalStim Therapy introduced NMES as such a tool and it has proven very effective. This course will take the VitalStim Provider to a new level using NMES for dysphagia therapy. The course will review the core concepts underpinning successful use of NMES in the dysphagic patient. Current research will be reviewed to explore how the NMES parameters such as frequency, phase duration and duty cycle can be changed to maximize impact. Participants will learn about the benefit of using up to 4 channels of stimulation and will learn how to sequence the stimulation between channels to mimic a normal swallowing sequence. In addition, two new modalities will be reviewed and practiced: sEMG Biofeedback and sEMG triggered electrical stimulation. This dynamic course will focus on hands on skills. The participants will work with the latest technology combining VitalStim, NMES, sEMG and sEMG triggered stimulation. Participant must be a VitalStim Provider to attend this advanced level course.


9:00 am - 3:45 pm


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