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Passy-Muir Remote Live In-Services

Remote LIVE In-services
Stay current on your education and receive CEUs
At Passy Muir, the welfare of our patients is our first priority, and we remain diligent in our efforts to ensure that the highly vulnerable patients who have tracheostomies are not underserved. We are committed to providing education that is relevant for healthcare professionals who take care of patients with tracheostomies and mechanical ventilation, and are prepared to continue providing this educational opportunity through the format of a remote live in-service. These sessions are free and live, allowing participants the opportunity to engage with a Passy Muir clinical specialist and ask questions. For more information, or to schedule a remote live in-service, please call us at 1-800-634-5397 or email education@passymuir.com. We are continually monitoring the current situation and will take the steps necessary to continue providing support and education for our patients and their providers. At times such as these, it is important to work together for the benefit and well-being of all.
For more information and a schedule of upcoming events, visit: www.passymuir/remote-live-inservices


May 28

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