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Feeding Tube Awareness Week: February 8-14, 2015

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Tube Feeding Awareness Week

February 8 – 14,  2015

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The Oley Foundation (www.oley.org) and Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation (www.feedingtubeawareness.org) are partnering to raise awareness by hosting the fifth annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week during the week of February 8th, 2015. 


The mission of Awareness Week is to promote the positive benefits of feeding tubes as a life saving medical intervention. The week also serves to educate the broader public about the medical reasons that children are tube fed, the challenges that tube feeding families face and day-to-day life with a tube fed child. Feeding Tube Awareness Week connects tube feeding families. Seeing how many other families are going through similar things makes people feel less alone.


To learn how you can participate in Feeding Tube Awareness, please visit The Oley Foundation Feeding Tube Awareness Week webpage: http://www.oley.org/FTAW_2015-update.html


Please note, FEEDING TUBE AWARENESS WEEK® is a registered trademark of Feeding Tube AwarenessFoundation, Inc. and is used here under license. Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, Inc. is not a sponsor of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders (NFOSD).


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