The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders strives to provide education to patients and caregivers impacted by a swallowing disorder in addition to the wide range of professionals who support our challenged community.  We offer educational opportunities through our Dysphagia Webinar Series, our Dysphagia documentary, university outreach programs, and more.


calendar  For more information on our Dysphagia Webinar Series, please click here.



DRS_Meeting_Banner_for_YMThe NFOSD promotes and participates in professional development opportunities, such as national conventions on swallowing disorders. To read more the Dysphagia Research Society National Convention, click here.



The NFOSD has reached out to over 50 university speech pathology programs to increase awareness at the student level. To read more about our university outreach, click here.


documentary  In 2011, the NFOSD developed a documentary to share the realities of living with dysphagia. To watch the video, click here.


swallow-course-390x188The NFOSD promotes educational opportunities for both professionals and patients to expand their knowledge of dysphagia. To read about a free online class titled “Swallowing Difficulties and Medicine,” click here.


self Heimlich 10_7_09Learn how to save your own life in the event of choking with the self-Heimlich maneuver.