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Company Description: DysphagiAide® is a registered trade-mark brand, manufactured by ERB Unlimited, a privately-owned and operated, woman-owned business.  The products are designed especially for those with dysphagia.  We currently manufacture two products:  Clear DysphagiAide® Beverage and Food Thickener and DysphagiAide® Nutritional Shake Mix. Our thickener has been life-changing for our customers and their caregivers.  Our xanthan gum-based powder is easy to use, and does not alter the taste or appearance of liquids.It can be used in most drinks, hot or cold and even works in carbonated beverages, beer, and wine. Our delicious creamy vanilla nutritional shake mix, also designed for those with dysphagia, contains 16 grams of protein, 290 calories and 17 vitamins and minerals to provide the energy and strength you need each day. This item is especially good for those in recovery or for those who need additional calories and nutrition.  Our product is available through Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and through our website dysphagiaide.org.  We also accept phone orders 1 (800) 948-5131.  

Bonus! We are offering free samples of both our thickener and our nutritional shake mix to anyone who joins us at the Zoom Link provided. You can also email us at help@dysphagiaide.org if you have questions or would like a sample.  Don’t forget to tell us that you participated in NFOSD’s Exhibitor Open House Night.

Email: help@dysphagiaide.org

Website: dysphagiaide.org