Dysphagia Dialogues

Are you living with a swallowing disorder and willing to share your journey?

The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders is calling for volunteers just like you to step forward and be a part of our Dysphagia Awareness Month campaign.

As we aim to raise awareness and understanding about swallowing disorders, your personal story can make a significant impact. Whether you’re facing challenges with swallowing, using a feeding tube, or have overcome obstacles related to dysphagia, your experiences matter.

By participating in a 3-4 minute audio-recorded interview with NFOSD, you have the opportunity to amplify your voice, inspire others, and contribute to a greater understanding of swallowing disorders.

Join us this Dysphagia Awareness Month and help us shed light on the realities of living with a swallowing disorder. Together, we can make a difference.